Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring greens aerification will be taking place this coming Monday, April 6th and Tuesday April 7th.   Even with an early application of fertilizer to boost plant growth, the time it takes for the greens to recover in April is largely dictated by the weather.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope mother nature cooperates with us!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tree Removal Update

The weather hasn’t been ideal for golf lately but that has not stopped progress on the golf course.

We have been focused largely on tree removal for the last few weeks.  Contrary to popular belief, superintendents really do like trees.  Any tree that we do take out is either to improve the playability of the golf course or aid in plant health. 

Recently, we removed the two trees left of five tee box.  These trees had become so large over the last few years, they were becoming a  limiting factor in regards to course set up.  We could not use the left side of this tee box when we had a left hole location because it forced the player to hit a  hard draw on a middle distance par 3.  In addition to this factor, the trees also cast significant shade on these chronically wet tees. 


Clearing on the left of #3

In addition to five, we also did some significant clearing of small brush and understory to the left of three green.  We estimate that this project will give the left side of this green three more hours of morning sunlight and dramatically improve plant health.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Social Media

Welcome to our updated blog!  We have changed the look of the page as well as added a twitter feed in the right column.  Daily course status updates will now be posted in this new feed.  If you can’t get to our blog, you may also get the latest golf course information by following @ccwoodmore on Twitter or by checking out The Country Club at Woodmore on Facebook! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Cover on #13

If you have played out here anytime recently, you have noticed the cover on #13.  The purpose of this cover is to trap heat and enable the turf to grow and recover during colder weather, much growing plants in a greenhouse.

13 Turf Cover

Cover being installed on #13 fairway

The end of the #13 fairway is a problem area on the golf course.  It receives a great deal of traffic and is perpetually shady.  Because of this, the turf tends to thin out.  This fall we seeded the area and amended the soil.  When the weather started to get cold, we covered the new turf to maximize our growing season and control traffic.  We will remove the cover this spring when conditions become favorable for natural growth.

Friday, November 14, 2014

#12 Tee

The grounds crew is constantly looking for ways to improve the golf course and solve issues that we may encounter though out the playing season.  One such issue that was identified was the lack of sufficient tee space on #12, our shortest par three.  With the increased rounds that we have had came along with the recent membership growth, the main teeing ground was getting very beat up.

While searching for a solution, a relatively flat area in the naturalized rough to the left of the cart path was identified as a location to a new tee.  The area already had irrigation and provided a different look at the golf hole. The area was sod cut, shaped, and seeded in just a few afternoons.


Tee on #12 being shaped

Because of the time of the year that this tee was installed, the choice  was made to seed it to ryegrass to get some quick turf establishment and have it ready for play as soon as possible.  Next June, we plan to strip this turf off and sod the tee to zoysia so it will match the rest of the golf course. 


New tee several weeks after seeding